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Personality Types & Personality traits(Find Yours)

personality type & personality traits

Most of us are familiar with the word personality, and this personality makes us different from others. Do you really know your personality types and personality traits?

Don’t worry even most of us don’t know it either. So here we are with an amazing article that will help you to find your personality types and personality traits to develop your personality.

We live in a place with so much diversity, but when you are asked that what’s different in you? then most of us get blanked. This happens because you know your nature/qualities but still unable to identify yourself. When your qualities, nature, and habits are mixed up then it becomes your personality.

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What is a Personality in Simple Words

Personality is defined as the characters, sets of behaviors, capabilities, and emotional patterns, your thinking pattern, approaches that you have developed or got from your parents.

All the things like qualities, habits, nature, capability, emotions, physique, and attitude when considered equally defined as personality. 

That is why some people genetically have good personalities while some have to develop after birth.

What are Common Personality Types 

1. Introvert : These people are very shy in nature and usually not so social with people. They enjoy their company and talks less about themselves especially when it come to emotions.

2. Extrovert : These type of people are very enthusiastic by nature and friendly too. They don’t overthink about things instead they love to love in present. They are more social than introvert personality types.

3. Charismatic : This personality type usually attracts, influences, and inspires other people by their personal qualities and capabilities. They are good leaders and very sociable in nature.

4. Self-Centered : These are people who only thinks about themselves. They are social but for their own goods and means. People who considers themselves the only one or the greatest.

8 Common Personality Traits

Positive emotions

The people with this personality trait usually have a clear mindset to achieve their goal. They are more sharper than others which lack positivity in their thoughts.


This personality trait defines a person who has a good attitude towards others. They have more friends and socially respected because of this trait.

Openness to feelings

People having this personality trait are more open towards their feeling and thoughts. They are openminded ad well and they are more trustworthy than any other personality trait.


Most people don’t stick to their statements but people with this personality trait always sticks to what they say. They don’t cloud their judgments and decisions on the basic of situation.

Low levels of angry hostility

Some are short-tempered and while others are cool tempered, this is because of this personality trait. People with low levels of anger hostility are people with cool temper.

Low anxiety & depression

Some people are very cool & calm during tough times as well, this is because of this personality trait.

Low impulsivity 

This personality trait sounds negative sometimes because the person with this personality usually talks to someone on any topics without thinking.

They have a very harsh speaking skills with more dominating nature. they believe themselves superior and more intelligent than others in every situation.


This personality trait is very attractive because the people with this personality usually are skilled by nature. They are quick learners and have the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

Final Words:

I hope after reading this article you have find your personality types and personality traits. These steps may take so time to correctly identify your personality type but it will definitely give you results when applied consistently.

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